Realistic Style

Color, black and white, commissioned pieces. This is my older work but I still love a good portrait. The medium is anything from oil, to acrylic, to mono printing, to ink and watercolor to pastels to digital. I experiment with many mediums to best tell their visual story. Some of these live in books, some hang on walls in homes, universities or chapels.. 

MLK_12,13v2_FINAL copy.jpg
MLK_14,15_FINALV3 copy.jpg
MLK_8,9_FINALv4 copy.jpg
MLK_4_FINALv2 copy.jpg
MLK_16,17_FINALv2 copy.jpg
MLK_2,3_FINALv2 copy.jpg
MLK_6,7_FINALV4 copy.jpg
Mango Moon_Cover_Finalv6_Flat copy.jpg
MM_1_Finalv2 copy.jpg
MM_2,3_Final copy.jpg
MM_4,5_Final copy.jpg
MM_28,29_FINAL copy.jpg
MM_10,11_Final copy.jpg
Seraphina_cover_FINALv2 copy.jpg
Seraphina_26,27_FINALv2 copy.jpg
Seraphina_26a_FINALv2 copy.jpg
Alphabet soup posterv2 copy.jpg
'Long Journey'.jpg
Shell's Gold Cover.jpg
Julius Brooks Monoprint .jpg
nell and j painting.jpg
old west copy.jpg
Sue Cornelison_Pastels_Ross_portrait.jpg
ISU Expanding Human Performance tryptic 031 copy.jpg
Lady of the Lake copy.jpg
NYC CARD v3_SueCornelison.jpg
MLK cover_rough_4 copy.jpg